About Us

 In 2005,  Oxford and Southwest Deanery organised events to bring prison dentists together for the first time.  This was part of an initiative to modernise prison dentistry launched by Raman Bedi, the then Chief Dental Officer for England, prior to the changes in the commissioning of prison dental services.  It was as a result of these meetings in 2005/06 that the National Association of Prison Dentistry was formed.

NAPDUK is a charitable organisation whose main aim is to improve the oral health and well-being of those receiving dental services within the UK prison and associated services.  This is to be brought about by:

  • Providing information, support and advice to prison dental professionals.
  • Providing a forum for exchange of ideas.
  • Providing a forum for continuing education and training.
  • Bringing professionals together to share best practice.
  • Influencing policy relating to prison oral and general health at both local and national levels.

Since its foundation NAPDUK has been fulfilling its role by organising an annual conference, bringing dentists and dental care professionals together through networking and study group meetings, conducted research and worked with other national and international organisations to shape and formulate standards and guidelines for prison dentistry.   Over the years NAPDUK has worked closely with Public Health England, the NHS, HM Prison and Probation Services, WHO Europe, Health Without Barriers and the British Dental Association.