NAPDUK has always been aware of the importance of the imagery and language we use on our website and in our publications to ensure a positive approach and avoid any possibility of stigmatisation.  What we say and how we say it is important.  The language we use should be respectful and person-centred towards those people in our care.  Terms such as “prisoner”, “inmate” and “offender” are widely used in medical literature and the general press.  It is important to highlight the significance to those still using outdated terminology that there is a need for a shift in consciousness towards less discriminatory language.

NAPDUK welcomes and endorses the ideas contained in a new report recently published by BMC International’s “Health and Human Rights” with the title “Words matter:  a call for humanising and respectful language to describe people who experience incarceration”.  A link to the full paper is below and can also be found on the NAPDUK Twitter feed.