NAPDUK is currently undergoing a period of transition, with the committee discussing how the association can best meet the needs of those providing dental services in secure settings.  At its inception some 12 years ago, the majority of prison dental services were provided by local dentists who were sole traders or local community dental services.  In recent years, with the changes that have occurred in the commissioning process, many of these experienced dentists have been replaced with prison contracts awarded to larger organisations and dental corporates.  These entities often provide their own in-house training and CPD, and we have heard that it is has been difficult for these dentists to obtain leave to attend NAPDUK conferences and other events.  As a result, NAPDUK is adapting to provide appropriate support to the nurses, therapists and dentists working across the estate.  This process has been made all the more difficult with the advent of Covid 19 and no conferences are currently planned.  Hopefully, once “the new normal” has been established, we will have more to report.  In the meantime, if there are any volunteers working in prison dentistry who are interested in getting involved with the association, please send us an email.  Details are on our contact page.